Most days you can find me sipping cold coffee while building my business behind my macbook in a cute coffee shop. Or in a mall buying a bunch of new clothes for my clients (and, of course, a little something for me).

I’m mostly known for my feminine and fashionable sense of style, and of course my great practical fashion advice. People often refer to me as a fun, loving, caring and very ambitious woman.

I love serving the world by helping women believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. 

The thing that I am the most passionate about in life is empowering women by teaching them how to build a wardrobe that reflects who they are and their ambition so that they feel like a “billion bucks.”

When I am not busy being a stylist you can catch me cuddle up with my hubby at home watching Netflix or all glammed up ready to have a great time with my best friends in great restaurants around the city.

Teach you how to dress with practical tools, so you can look your best every day while achieving your dreams !